Cybersecurity strategy, defense and education

We help our clients maximize their security investments and stay informed of current threats. Without the tech jargon.

Cybersecurity is one of the top business risks companies face today.

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What our customers say about us:

Professional and talented

Jeff is a consummate professional and exceptionally talented at what he does. I've had the pleasure of working alongside Jeff over the past 8 months, and have always been impressed with his knowledge, intelligence and ability to produce impactful results under pressure. He's a joy to work with, and I look forward to working with him again!
Nate Shockey
VP Services, Abira Security

Responsive and insightful

A partner needed a very quick turnaround on a third party audit...Groman Cyber was able to meet the timeline and develop a thorough plan for a company of their size...I read the final report and was very pleased at the insights contained within.

I have no reservations recommending Groman Cyber to attend to your information security needs.
Jon Busey
Solutions Architect, b-tech

Responsive, engaging, thorough and positive

AuthenticID recently leveraged Jeff and Groman Cyber services to perform a corporate internal cybersecurity assessment. This is a critical annual activity we believe helps us improve our business security posture while also assuring our customers of our operation maturity. Jeff was responsive, engaging, thorough, very collaborative and positive to work with. His range of services include assessments, reporting, summaries, improvements and suggestions.

We look forward to contracting Jeff and Groman Cyber for future cybersecurity assessment services.

Chris Borkenhagen
Chief Information Officer, AuthenticID

Knowledgeable, professional, and credible

Jeff Groman is one of the most knowledgeable, professional, and credible people that I've ever worked with in education. He brings his expertise in cybersecurity and devises interesting ways to make the content engaging for our students. He's always filled with great ideas, comes prepared to our meetings, and treats everybody with respect. It's a privilege to work with Jeff!
Derik Ohanian
Analytics and Everspring

Great partner, professional and knowledgable

Jeff has been a great partner on several projects over the past few years. His cyber security knowledge and professionalism have certainly been valuable to me and my team. I look forward to working with Jeff again in the future.
Jeremiah Patton
Sr. Director IAS IT & Technology at Charter Communications

Client-focused, strategic and a leader

I had the opportunity to work with Jeff while at Mandiant Consulting. Jeff's approach to consulting is to always have the client's best interest in-mind, constantly focusing on the end-result and ultimate client satisfaction. Jeff was a solid leader and respected by his peers and employees due to his selfless leadership style. I respect Jeff and will continue to look for opportunities to work with him again.
Milan Gavran
Regional Sales Director at Armis

Insightful, articulate and an expert

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jeffrey Groman on a course build project on issues concerning cybersecurity best practices for organizations and companies. During the process, he provided terrific insight, was goals-driven, thorough, articulate, and an expert in cybersecurity risks. From course content delivery to video production, Mr. Groman outperformed and was a true asset who brought value to the project! Truly an honor working with him!
Brittany Horton
Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Valuable investment, tools and knowledge

It was a valuable investment of fees and time. My desire was to gain additional tools but also to improve my understanding of technology terms and cyber security knowledge. One of the most useful components for me was understanding the landscape and some of the resources available to review trends. Thanks Jeff!
Dan Gaffney
Risk Consultant | IT Audit, Cybersecurity, & Internal Audit

Cyber insider, insightful and able to help

I decided to go forward because of our phone conversation. It seemed like you really knew what you were talking about from an insider level, and knew how to help. I bought books about cybersecurity in the past, but the information seemed largely superficial and was stuff I could easily find doing a google search. These books and articles didn't have the insider knowledge that you have.
Joel Bethepu
Cyber Scientist at Battelle

Our focus areas:

We'll soon be releasing an update to our book on breach avoidance and preparedness.