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Courses and Exercises

Tabletop Attack Scenario Exercise (TASE)

While this is not a traditional course, it is a learning opportunity. We take you through a realistic attack scenario as if it were actually happening in your organization. A common scenario is running through an actual ransomware attack in order to find gaps in your ability to maintain your business in the face of a developing sophisticated attack.

Threat Landscape and Preparedness Briefing

Aimed at executives and business leaders, this briefing will walk them through current attacks and scenarios relevant to your industry, geography, and business. We will cover specific tactics that are being used by threat actors today, and how those tactics should inform your defenses. Briefings are customized for industries such as Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Hospitality, and Industrial Controls. In order to keep the session relevant and valuable, we will then focus on ways your business can increase its capabilities and be more ready for a major incident.

Security Concepts Series

These course were developed for skilled IT folks who haven’t yet been afforded the opportunity to understand the details and the how’s and why’s of the cyber security craft. We have developed several tracks for system administrators, software developers, architects, and for your junior staff members.

In these courses, we dive in to real world breach case studies, technologies, architectures and implementations in order to understand their security implications. The goal of each course is to help students become familiar with attacker tactics and techniques and use that knowledge to help disrupt those tactics through deliberate architectural and implementation decisions.

We currently have Security Concepts courses for application developers, architects and junior security team members.

Developing Enterprise Threat Intelligence 

This course was designed for security professionals that are being tasked to gather and develop threat intelligence in support of their internal security operations team. During this course we will explore what makes threat intelligence valuable, where to find it, how to curate it and package it for consumption by team members and automated tools.

Technical Writing Course 

Security practitioners are tasked with writing documents, reports, and business cases on a frequent basis. But many technical folks have not written prose since they were in College. This course provides guidance, tips and techniques to technical writing that will make their writing more effective, and require less time for them to deliver.

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