Download this COVID-19 remote access strategy paper

We did the research and you get the benefits. You don't have to take our word for it. In this strategy paper, we cite the research and reporting of 7 top tier cyber firms and respected news outlets.

If you would like to know how your company, data and operations will be affected in the long term by this pandemic, then this paper will tell you.

Picture this:

Lucius started working from home after his company closed its offices as it complied with their state executive order. Now, Lucius is one of those characters we’ve all met before: his cubical walls are covered with print outs, project codes and his “handy” phone numbers he might just need some day. Barely a square inch of his desk is exposed that’s not covered with some form of detritus. Lucius is always the last holdout for a replacement computer or phone because he doesn’t want to lose his bookmarks, presets, and favorites.

So when he’s forced to work from home, he has a problem. He knows he can’t bring the office with him. So he settles for the next best thing, and he takes the digital equivalent.

Armed with terabytes of USB disk and the patience to print reams of paper, he spends hours getting his home office ready for work.

So how do you manage the Lucius’s in your company?

All the research has been done for you. Just download, read and apply the material:

Note: this isn’t for you if you don’t have a remote workforce or if you’ve already rebuilt your remote access strategy to meet today’s challenges.

Truth is that with a little planning and investment, you can turn a Lucius into a model of productivity and security. Not convinced? Download the paper and you’ll read about a tried and true method.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What your employees are doing with your company’s data, and how it’s putting your company at higher risk.
  • VPN is dead. Long live VPN! Remote access strategies need to include multiple options and remove obstacles.
  • How to remove technology hurdles that will help you to reduce your cyber risk
  • Budget cuts looming? What you should do now before budgets are slashed further.
  • How to follow the breadcrumbs and find where your data is ending up.
  • Why your phishing exercises are not going to save you, but what you can do in order to be better prepared.
  • Vulnerabilties that have been around for years are coming home to roost, and the simple solution to prevent cyber incidents

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